The plan

Here's a brief look behind the scenes of what's being worked on

What are the next features coming?

Accounts (account roles, multi-channel accounts)

After working with many large content teams both for single channels and companies it became clear that have different account roles is going to make everyone more comfortable.

Search Engines

From experience, if a creator has one channel, it tends to spawn a few more. Whether it's a behind-the-scenes or a vlog or simply a hidden channel that the production team works on, having one resource for yourself, your team and your audience is a clean ask and one that should be up sooner than later.

Creator Verified 
Accurate Captions

If you're already investing in professional closed captions this feature will allow you to change the appearance of episodes that you have had professional captions completed on. 

Caption Clipping Engine

This incredible little tool can take an existing caption file (like an SRT or VTT) that you provide or the one we have indexed from your YouTube channel already, provide it the time codes for the start and end of the clip and the tool will retime that clip to 0:00 so that you can lift 30, 60, 90 second clips for social media posts without having to have an additional full captioning cost.


Creating a fully featured API is no small undertaking but I believe that it's absolutely crucial for the growth of the business and having it be capable of ingesting content away from YouTube videos. In order to do that effectively, a well-documented API that is open to subscribers of the service is a cost of being part of the content ecosystem in 2020.

WordPress Plug-in

We all already know how popular WordPress and how dead simple it can be to use plug-ins to extend the functionality of your website. I use Wordpress myself on a near daily basis and so making my first plug-in, while intimidating, is a worthy challenge for me to take on in Q2 2020.

When Was That Said

All these and more coming in 2020

With all these features coming why not make the investment in the tool now and help shape where this product goes!
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