The Guy Behind 
When Was That Said

Hi, I'm Kade. The coder who made this.

Kade Dworkin Headshot Thanks for checking out When Was That Said!

I've been in your shoes as a creator.

My hobby vlog went on for over 1200 episodes.

I even wrote my master's thesis in on YouTube and Revision3 in 2009. Yes, I've been thinking about the online content space for this long.

I worked as a closed captioner for some of the largest creators and have helped collaborate with their teams to create social media trends. [See @GaryVee's open captioning for Facebook and Instagram.]

I know first hand that making a living as a content creator is hard. These people have been my customers for the last five years and I've had a front row seat to their painful pathway to success.

I've watched entire businesses be critically hurt by Adpocalypse, suggested videos changes, missing sub box deliveries, Adpocalypse 2, AI demonetization, COPPA and countless search results changes.

My goal with When Was That Said is to create a tool that helps you achieve the level of success that is right for your business but to do so faster, in less time and with as few resources as necessary.

That's why I've built this tool with you, the professional creator, in mind from the start.

I look forward to working with you!

Kade Dworkin
[email protected]

P.S. If you really want to know more, here ya go:

  • My previous business did closed captioning for top-level YouTube and Instagram personalities and to date we've done more than 5,000 videos.
  • Prior that I was a professional social media crisis manager for a multi-billion dollar brand.
  • Was employee #17 at VaynerMedia working on the social media efforts of Cap'n Crunch, Caesars Entertainment and Claritin.
  • Lifetime employee #331 at GoDaddy. I came up with the idea behind US Patent 7,904,345.
  • I'm a two-time Arizona State University Sun Devil with an undergraduate degree in Marketing and master's in Information Management (technology + business).


Now that you've learned a bit about me and why I create tools with the intention of helping your business secure bigger and more brand deals, create powerful topical playlists and help your audience find the exact content they're looking for on your channel, learn what new features are coming up next.
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