Tools for the professional Content Creator

Effortlessly find exactly what is said in your content with to the second precision

Are you using your videos to their maximum potential?

When Was That Said is the first video speech search engine which allows you to find precisely when things are said and do things with that information.

Allow Fans To Find What They're Looking For

Maybe your fans want to find the first time that you used that ubiquitous catchphrase? Now they can find it and every other time it's ever been said on your channel in seconds. 

Secure Better & Bigger Brand Deals

Show that your content is no-risk to potential brand sponsors by proving your previous affinity to their brand, being family friendly and remove the ambiguity of working with you.

Generate Topic Based Playlists In A Snap

Give your audience more of the content that it's already enjoying. Creating a playlist for a specific topic or subject in your videos is now a single click action.

Active Search Engines For Top YouTubers

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WWTS gives our team and our viewers a searchable database of our entire YouTube library - which is now over 500 videos. This allows our viewers to do focused searches to find the answers to their questions without the need to reach out to our customer support team. Internally, it’s become an invaluable tool for our keyword research and search engine marketing campaigns. We also just use it to find inspiration for social media and physical merchandise. It’s a game changer!
Chris Sharpe 
CEO, Yoga With Adriene
When I first heard about When Was That Said I thought it sounded pretty cool, but when I actually got my hands on it for the first time, I was blown away. As a professional YouTube channel manager for almost a decade, working with vast catalogues of content the possibilities for WWTS are almost endless and I only wished I had had access to it in my earlier years. Unleashing this on a YouTube channel with a lot of videos unlocks its true potential, allowing you to find exactly what you were looking for in an instant and uncovering incredible footage you had long forgotten (or didn't even know you had). Whether it's putting together a playlist, cutting a promo or compilation or something as simple as finding the perfect video to suggest in a YouTube end screen WWTS is a dream for channel managers and content creators alike.
Tom Martin
Founder, Channel Fuel


Created to help the professional content creator, When Was That Said was built specifically to index the hardest part in a video; the spoken content. By doing so and providing results to the exact second, it opens up a tremendous amount of usages for those results.
Regardless of whether you're a one-man show or have a team of more than two dozen, I, Kade Dworkin, have worked with top level creators for over a decade now. This tool is an incredible time saver and I am so happy to launch this version of the tool.
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